T-STAC making gains in student athletes

            With an average of 50-60 students daily, Coaches Andy Thomas and Aaron Coghlan, along with Scott Edmundson are hoping to make a difference in athletes grades seven through 12. Trojan Strength Training and Conditioning (T-STAC) is a program that utilizes many different exercises to help with the developing of athletes to help ensure their bodies are in proper shape.

            The program is held Monday through Thursday in the weight room and outdoors at the school with athletes being split up into different circuits. The coaches are making sure to focus on a variety of exercises to make sure that all muscles are being used.

            Coaches are getting ready to implement a program called Volt next week.

            “With financial funding from the Athletic Boosters, this smart device and app based program will provide instant feedback to the athletes, and take the guess work out of the equation. It allows the athletes and coaches to then focus on techniques and improvement,” says Andy Thomas.

            This free program offered to junior high and high school students is helping to shape the athletes of Tri-County future.

            “Once football season ended, I began opening up the weight room for what people referred to as the Breakfast Club. We had five to six students show up daily. Now that we have changed the program to T-STAC, the numbers have skyrocketed. Once track started, Thomas started making lifting mandatory as it was in his practice. From that, the two of us have collaborated and shared ideas on how to use the weight room to make all of the athletes better,” Coach Aaron Coghlan said.

            The two decided at that time that Volt would be a perfect program to help keep the kids accountable and fun at the same time. The two then took the idea to Coach Edmundson, who stood behind the thought as well and joined in on the quest to improve the athletes. After brainstorming how to fundraise to be able to purchase the program, Edmundson reached out to the Athletic Boosters and instead of helping with part of the donation, they backed the program 100 percent.

            “The Boosters have done so much for the local athletes. It is amazing to see the support they offer the students to make sure they succeed. The students have really caught on to the momentum. On the last day of school we had students stay and help clean out the weight room and reorganize, so that we could utilize as much free room as possible. They are excited to be in the program and the numbers are really showing that. However, out hope is still to get 100 percent of the athletes from the school to participate, while making this as fun as possible. We want to maintain large numbers all summer and going into the school year, so that they can maintain the strength and speed they are gaining by being here daily,” Coghlan continued.

            Parents are excited to see their children participating in the program as well. Parents are coming together and sending donations of fruit, granola bars and other various snacks to help fuel the athletes to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition needed. Community members have reached out to local businesses to see about helping with donations of these items as well.  For more information, pick up this week's edition of The News Review.