Taking a green thumb to the next level

Will and Mikayla James have officialy opened James Family Greenhouse and Produce as of April 9, located behind the Sigourney Cafe. The dream began to turn into reality last summer, where there once was an empty lot now stands a large greenhouse. There will be an official open house on April 28.

Mikayla and Will James have officially opened their newly built greenhouse doors to the public. After months of preparation, the idea that was once only in the imaginations of the James’ has become a full-fledged reality. The official opening day was April 9 and while it was cold and flurrying outside, the interior was nice and toasty.

                The James had run into a couple snags as of recent, which pushed back the opening of their new creation by a few days. With it being so cold, little to no plants were able to be moved into the greenhouse until it had its own heat source, which wasn’t operational until April 5 and the concrete was poured late March. The James had talked about owning a greenhouse for quite some time, as they both love being outdoors and what the farm life has to offer. Mikayla brought more of the expertise working with and planting the plants, as her parents own a rather large greenhouse themselves down in Albia. Her husband, Will, studied horticulture in college and had always loved working with plants.

                “My interest in plants dates to when I started helping out my parents in their greenhouse,” Mikayla said. “Working in a greenhouse is relaxing and fun. I’ve always enjoyed helping others find just the right flowers to brighten up their yards and houses.”

                Last summer the James found the land that they now own and sent in a bid. Being in sight of highway 92 and nearby the Sigourney Café, the couple knew they had found a perfect spot. After they were given rights to the land, they broke ground and have been busy ever since in preparation for the opening.

                “We chose Sigourney because this is where Will grew up and it’s now my home,” Mikayla said. “We plan to be here for many years because we have roots here. We wanted to stay local, we’re both very excited to be in this area.”

                The James greenhouse will contain a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, mulch, hanging baskets and metal art, along with hardscape items like pavers and stone. During the summer months they will be selling fresh produce in the form of sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants. Pumpkins and mums will be in season during the fall.

                The couple will be maintaining the greenhouse by themselves for the most part, while bringing on some more help if needed at selective times throughout the year. While the greenhouse is now open, they will be having an official open house on April 28 to get ready for planting season.

                “We want to help our customers get quality products at affordable prices,” Mikayla said. “My parents are well known for their customer service and pricing. They do things differently than everyone else and we hope to build our business on that same philosophy.”

                Official hours of operation are Monday – Friday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. They also have a Facebook page named James Family Greenhouse and Produce.