Tri-County Schools forge ahead with batting cage facility

Thornburg, Iowa- The first dollars for a new batting cage facility were approved to change hands at a special meeting of the Tri-County School Board on June 26. According to information from Tri-County School Superintendent Chad Straight, the board approved three bids for the project, which was first talked about by the full board at a May 29 special meeting. At that meeting, the board voted unanimously to dedicate $65,000 of district funds to the construction of the facility, provided that outside groups, such as booster clubs, could raise the funds to outfit the interior part of the building.


At Tuesday’s meeting, the board first considered options for the location of the new batting cage. The board ultimately settled on two potential locations for the facility: NW of the ticket shack at the athletic fields, or NE of the bus barn. 


The first bid that the board approved was a bid from Farmer’s Lumber Company to supply material for the new building. A bid for $26,317.45 was approved. The second bid dealt with an HVAC system for the new facility. The board approved a bid for $5,000 to Chad Little for the HVAC system. Lastly, the board considered options for framing of the new facility. The board ended up approving a bid from Linder Construction for $8,350.


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