Tri-County Schools recipients of tactical flashlights

Dan Glandon demonstrates the tactical strobe light to teachers and staff at an in-service day for Tri-County schools.

Sigourney, Iowa- On February 14, a gunman entered Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, and killed 17 students/faculty, while wounding another 17. The events of that day sparked a flurry of new movements, aimed at tightening restrictions on the sale of assault weapons, and also aimed at strengthening classroom security. Throughout all of this, one local business owner has worked to find new ways to keep local teachers and students safe.

Dan Glandon, owner of Skunk River Arms, teaches concealed carry classes and also sells firearms. In addition to this, for the past year Glandon has tried to outfit classrooms with “tactical strobe lights”. Last week, another area school was the recipient of tactical strobe lights. On Thursday, Glandon, as a result of a monetary donation from Holland-Coble Funeral Home, was able to donate strobe lights to Tri-County School. Glandon said his goal in making the donation is simply school safety.

“Law enforcement has used them for years. I put two and two together and figured it would be a good addition to what teachers are already trained to do,” Glandon said.

Principal Clay Harrold added that the donation allows for more protection of students and teachers at Tri-County School.

“Giving our staff another chance to be safe and protect our students is critical to all of us,” Harrold said.

Harrold mentioned that he has been working with Glandon on this project for the past year. He said that the donation was finalized through support from another local business.

“Holland-Coble funeral homes generously donated the funds to support this initiative,” Harrold said.

He added that this donation helps Tri-County Schools to prepare even more for the unthinkable.

“The donation will give the majority of our staff an opportunity to be better prepared in the event an intruder were to enter our building,” Harrold said.

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