Tri-County Speech showcase prepares students for State Competition

Emma Miover of Tri-County performs "Memoirs of a Goldfish" during a showcase at her high school. 

           The Tri County Speech department has once again been a mouse that has roared loudly in district competition and speech coach Vince Hrasky has made sure that the students are prepared for state competition.

            With three large group acts making it to All-State competition, the individual speech department had less time than normal to fully focus on pieces, but the group of determined students worked hard with coach Hrasky and assistant coach Paula Kirkpatrick to make sure they were ready.

            On Thursday, March 9, students were able to perform their pieces in a speech showcase for family and members of the community and prepare to travel to Vinton on March 11. Hrasky says, “It was a really good day. The kids worked hard and were rewarded with good scores. Every kid felt they had given their best performance at the contest, and that is important. Performing under pressure is an ability that will serve them well in the future.”


Tri_County received the following scores at state contest:

            Myrissa Garber, PO & STO, All Division I ratings

            Abbey Hartwig, SMT, STO, All Division I ratings

            Jennifer Steen ACT, Division I rating

            Tanner Lundy, PR, All Division I ratings

            Skyler Fisher, ACT All Division I ratings.

            Mckenzie Hammes All Division I ratings

            Emma Miover All Division I ratings

            Audeanna Finch PO Two II's and a I = overall II

            Miranda Litlte PO & STO both Two II's and a I = overall II


            Myrissa Garber and Abbey Hartwig will move on to All-State Festival at the University of Northern Iowa on March 27. Both were accepted for their Storytelling pieces.