Trojan varsity football intact for two more years

Tri-County Trojan football will continue to play varsity for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school year with a unanimous decision by the school board. The Trojans finished 2-8 this past season.

            Tri-County will continue to play varsity eight-man football for the next two years after a recommendation by administration and a unanimous decision was made by the board to continue on, rather than play students in junior varsity.

            This decision comes as redistricting for the next two football seasons is occurring throughout the state of Iowa. Due to projected low numbers going out for football at Tri-County next year, Superintendent Chad Straight and members of the school board considered the options of playing junior varsity for two year and get numbers back up, play varsity, or share with another school.

            “At this time, based off my conversations with the athletic director and principal, we recommend the district continue to play varsity football,” Straight said. “There are pros and cons to this scenario with concerns about safety, but in the long run I think this is a better option.”

            According to a survey done by Tri-County Athletic Director Scott Edmundson, 19 students have expressed interest in playing varsity football next fall, including students that will be freshman to seniors in 2018-19. This will include only three upperclassmen next year, but more upperclassmen in 2019-20.

            “If we have a situation where we are concerned about injury and kids that are too young to play, then we possibly have to forfeit a game or two,” Straight said. “That’s something other schools have done, so that’s not something out of the ordinary.”

            Game forfeitures are decided upon by Edmundson and Principal Clay Harrold, with the final approval coming from Straight. While the forfeit does make an impact on the opposing team’s season point total, no immediate penalties are in place for teams that are forced to forfeit a game.

            “No one likes to not be able to play when you only get nine games,” Straight said.

            Junior varsity will also continue their schedule in the next two years. A junior varsity game could be played even in the event varsity must forfeit, according to Straight. Students that expressed interest in football next year, especially the upperclassmen, will be asked to keep their commitment to next fall in order to ensure numbers remain relatively the same.