Van Patten to assume publisher role

Sigourney, Iowa- Mid-America Publishing, parent company and owner of the Sigourney News-Review and the Keota Eagle, has announced the appointment of Amie Van Patten as publisher of the Sigourney News-Review and the Keota Eagle. Van Patten will also serve as publisher of the New Sharon Sun, another publication of Mid-America Publishing. The appointment became effective October 1. Van Patten said she is excited for the new position.

“Over the course of the last several months, our company has taken strides in improving the newspaper and custom print operations that we offer and I am looking forward to continuing to improve the quality of service that we offer to our small towns,” she said.

In her new role, Van Patten will be responsible for the day to day operations of the three newspapers. She will also continue to handle sales for all three newspapers. Van Patten has previously served as Regional Editor for the Keota Eagle, Regional Manager and Sales Executive for all three properties. She credits her new position to her hard work in her prior roles.

“I pride myself in putting 110% into my work and I think that that is how I was able to get to the position that I am being promoted to within the company,” she said.

Matt Grohe, co-owner and CEO of Mid-America publishing, said that Amie’s community ties and innovative thinking are a strong asset to the company as she assumes her new role. He noted that she has previously been appointed to a marketing team working on company-wide promotions.

“We are really excited about the appointment of Amie to the position as Publisher of the News-Review, Keota Eagle and the New Sharon Sun. Amie has a strong community focus and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious,” he said. “We're hoping that Amie will help us continue to develop innovative ways for the newspapers to more effectively connect with the communities they serve, provide better more responsive service and assist us in offering the most informative and entertaining content possible,” he added

Van Patten added that her previous experience as a journalist will allow her to continue to be involved in the editorial process at all three newspapers.

“I believe that the fact that I began work as a journalist, moved into manager, and now into publisher gives me the ability to be compassionate about the work that my editors are putting into the work they are doing, as well as gives me the ability to help them with their positions as well as to cover the stories that need covered in their absence,” she said.

Van Patten also added that all of her employees working together as a team has made the transition smoother.

“Our three offices could not be run without the communication and strong abilities of my entire staff. This is a promotion not only for myself, but for our entire team. I am more than confident with the staff that I have within our office, and when they are so proficient in their jobs, it makes my job so much easier. We are not just co-workers, but like a small family. We hope to continue to share our small-town family values throughout the community,” she said.