What Cheer Mayor race draws two candidates

Mike Danner

Jim Greiner

            The city of What Cheer will rely on write-in votes to fill two empty seats on the city council this November, while an election for mayor takes place with two candidates running.

            Mike Danner is currently the mayor of What Cheer where he has lived since 1960. He has two grown children who live in Bloomfield, and has been the mayor of for the past seven years, serving as a council member for a year prior to that.

            “If you look out the window, you can see the struggles that the town faces. I have met with the DNR to try to see about getting rid of the building that was destroyed by fire along with other various buildings in the area,” Danner said.

            Danner said another issue the city has is a few light poles that need to be replaced.

            Danner said that some of the improvements that need made are the general cleanup of the town, including the building improvements. Another improvement would be the upkeep of city parks. Danner said that with the help of local residents, the city has applied for a grant for new park equipment. The city has also helped with the recent upgrade of the scout cabin.

            Danner feels that his leadership style is to not ever act like a boss.

            “You need to work with people, and you will get along a lot better when they feel as though they are part of the solution,” Danner said.

            Danner said he hopes to be re-elected because he is not done with the projects he started. Stating he wants to help get some houses tore down; buildings cleaned up and light poles done.

            Running against Danner is Jim Greiner. Greiner is a former What Cheer city council member. Greiner has lived in What Cheer for the previous 14 years with his partner, Kay Wilkening.  Previous to living in What Cheer, Greiner was on the Hayesville city council for four years and then was on What Cheer council for six years.

            Greiner feels like one of the issues the city faces is finding the appropriate funds for completion of projects that need to be done. He hopes to help with the continuation of the dilapidated buildings and houses in the area, as well as more street repair.

            “The street repair project is something I would like to keep going. They have been doing a very good job. Although we are a small town, I would also like to see some new businesses come into town,” Greiner said. “When I was on the council I would run a backhoe in order to help save the city money and if I am re-elected, I would plan to do that again.”

            Greiner said he is a hands-on leader. He said that he likes to be involved.  He feels that now that he is retired, he has the time needed to help out in the city to help out.

            “I took a break from the city council to give someone else a chance, and now that I have more time, I am looking forward to helping out again in any aspect I can, Greiner said.