Sigourney Council Discusses Vicious Dog

Casey Jarmes
The News-Review

SIGOURNEY – During the June 14 meeting of the Sigourney City Council, the council discussed a vicious dog who had bit a Sigourney resident. Code Enforcer Doug Glandon explained that, on June 3, a dog bit a man riding a recumbent bike, resulting in the man being taken to the ER. Photos shown to the council showed a four-inch patch of torn skin on the man’s arm. Mayor Jimmy Morlan called it a “pretty ugly bite” and noted that, in the past, the council had ordered vicious dogs to be removed from the city. The dog’s owner stated that his dog, a chocolate lab, had never exhibited aggression before and was completely friendly with other bikers, mailmen and his three-month old baby. He stated that the dog must have been provoked or frightened. He stated that he had not seen the bite take place.

Councilman Randy Schultz asked why the dog was loose. The owner explained that the dog was wearing a training shock collar, requiring him to press a button when it walks away from the house, and that he had not seen the dog run off while he was mowing. Councilwoman Connie McLaughlin stated that city ordinances require the removal of animals who attack or bite people without provocation. Councilman Adam Clark called the situation unfortunate and said it would be different if the dog had not bit someone, but that the bite was substantial.

Clark, Schultz, McLaughlin and Councilman Gary Iosbaker voted to get rid of the dog. Councilwoman Stephani Lentz voted against getting rid of the dog. The dog’s owner will have until June 28 to relocate the dog out of the city. McLaughlin and Morlan both said sorry to the dog owner. Schultz said this was his least favorite subject, but that at least the dog didn’t have to be put down.

The council discussed putting thirty second ads on Steve Shettler Media informing the public of Sigourney’s ordinances. City Clerk Angie Alderson explained that the city has a hard time notifying the public about ordinances and that the ads could be used to remind people of city rules like keeping dogs on leashes or putting garbage out on Wednesdays. Shettler stated he would produce 30 second ads, which would run during 10 videos a week, at a cost of $100 per week. Iosbaker said it would be interesting to do as a trial, but it would be hard to tell how effective it was.

Clark asked about Shettler’s viewership. Shettler stated he has a reach of 250,000 total, mostly from the Oskaloosa area, with Sigourney as his second biggest market. Iosbaker suggested keeping track of if calls, queries and complaints made to city hall go down after the ads begin running. The council approved running ads for six months.



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